Welcome back to our weekly #pottyadventures Instagram roundup.  Here you’ll get your fix of outdoor family fun and find other inspirational families to follow.  Please check out our featured accounts.  You’ll find that they’re full of wanderlust and outdoor activity ideas.  If they look like your kind of family, give them a follow.   As always, all you have to do is include the hashtag #pottyadventures on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured.


We’ve had a good week here at Potty Adventures HQ.  The weather in North Wales has been awesome for the past week or so meaning lots of outdoor time.  We celebrated Father’s Day a day early and headed over to beautiful Bala lake.  The four of us took a canoe out and spent some time just paddling and enjoying the views.  We then had a lakeside picnic to end the day before departing for home.  Here’s what it looked like…


As such, my favourite photo from our family collection this week is this one from our lake adventure.


Four Featured Favourites

Back to the #pottyadventures community and, as ever, we have an awesome collection of images.    The first of our featured favourites this week was tagged by @scottishsarah.  Having been to Ibiza (albeit not with the kids in tow) I can vouch for the quality of their sunsets.  This one is no exception.  It’s great to see the kids making all they can of their last bit of light too.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/scottishsarah


The second of our featured favourites was tagged by @maxwelldoxey.  They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby number 4 at present.  In fact, by the time you read this, baby number 4 may well have made an appearance – if so huge congratulations!  Anyway, on this awesome snap they said that they couldn’t wait to share similar places with him.  Lucky kids!

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/maxwelldoxey


There were a lot of great Father’s Day photos on my timeline over the weekend and this was definitely one of my favourites.  Thanks to @tinboxtraveller for tagging us in this, which was dedicated to baggage lifters, baby carriers and BBQ maestros everywhere.  Love it!

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/tinboxtraveller


The last of our featured favourites was tagged by @_i3eckie.  It depicts another precious moment captured and is again dedicated to daddy and all that he does.  Brilliant!

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/_i3eckie


Four More To Make You Smile

As always, we’re tagged in so many cool outdoor family photos that it would be a crime not to share a few more.  So, in addition to our four featured favourites, here are four more to make you smile.  Enjoy.













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