It’s Monday so that must mean another #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup.  I sincerely hope everyone had a good weekend and I also hope that today hasn’t been too painful for you.  I know, I know, Monday not painful?  But, on the other hand, at least we’re another Monday closer to Christmas.


The tree went up at Potty Adventures HQ on Friday so I’m now officially feeling festive.  This was cemented by a rare childless day out with friends to the Manchester Christmas markets on Saturday.  Although the trains were a typically British joke (cancellation of direct service, two carriages for 5 billion festive travellers etc etc.) the consumption of alcohol at regular intervals more than balanced our spirits out.  Oh, and a little tip from the minute morsel of memory that remains of Saturday: if you’ve never tried a Smokey, you’re missing out.   Bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, topped off with oak smoke – it’s a little bit of heaven in a glass!  Then, just to top an incredibly festive few days off, I arrived at work this morning to find that a kind colleague had decorated my classroom door not just with any old baubles, but Star Wars baubles.  She knows me so well.


I hope as the weather continues to deteriorate you’re all still finding creative ways to get outside.  From the photos we’ve been tagged in this week it certainly looks that way.  It’s also great to welcome even more newbies to our little community – some of whom have been featured here today.  In terms of my favourite photo from our personal family album I’m sharing this shot of me being overloaded with children.  After going for a short walk around our local forest without the big carrier (as Jesse usually walks this on his own), he decided to down tools and protest in the only way he knew…’carry me daddy’.  Of course, this had nothing at all to do with the fact that I was carrying Amelie and he wanted in on the act.  As such, laden like a pack horse, the three of us made our way up the hill while Nat chuckled at our side.


Back to your photos and the first of our favourites this week comes from @wildbluewest .  Taken in Colorado, which I think is on most outdoor bucket lists, the lighting and environment are just beautiful.  I could quite easily take a sunset hike along here.


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The second of our favourites this week was taken by @sands_heard . One of our regular community members, I just love the timing and contrast of this photo.  It goes to show that even blowing feather reed grass can give little ones oodles of fun.


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Our next favourite was tagged by @52weeksofnature .  There’s nothing wrong with hugging a tree if it makes you this happy.  This is yet another great example of families enjoying the simple things outdoors.  The things that don’t cost us anything and yet provide us with miles of smiles.


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The final of our featured favourite photos was tagged by @nifer1015 .  This beauty of their little boy demonstrating his balance shows how even fallen objects outdoors can be used for fun and learning.


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As always, here’s a few more photos that were just too good not to share.  Thanks to everyone who joined in by tagging their Instagram photos with #pottyadventures .  We sure hope you can inspire us again this week with your outdoor family adventures.
















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