Welcome to our regular Monday #pottyadventures Instagram roundup.  This is certainly the place to come if you crave some outdoor family inspiration.  Each week, over on Instagram, our growing army of passionate followers use the #pottyadventures hashtag to share their love of the outdoors.  We get photos from all over the world but they all have one thing in common: a shared passion for getting kids outside.


This week, as I’m sure many of you will relate to, has been a busy one.  The closer we get to Christmas, the more things we seem to have on or arranged.  From decorating the tree to various grotto experiences, each day seems to have something attached to it.  I sound like a humbug, I know, but I’m genuinely not – I love Christmas – but my God it’s tiring!  That’s why, despite having a jam-packed weekend, I was glad to get some quality outdoor time yesterday.  It just freshens my mind.


Unfortunately, Amelie has been struggling with a bad cough for the past week so Nat ended up staying at home to look after her, meaning we couldn’t get out as a family.  However, packing up the carrier, myself and Little Bear managed to fit in a short, local hike. Now, bearing in mind he’d had a ski lesson in the morning he managed to walk over a mile up hill, including the steep final ascent.  Sometimes kids just amaze me!  To celebrate this, here’s my favourite photo from our personal collection of #pottyadventures last week.

Back to the photos that you tagged us in last week and what a collection they were!  We’re edging closer to 1000 #pottyadventures Instagram community photos and the quality of photos just seems to get better and better.


The first of our favourites this week comes from @littleadventuresinfinland . This stunning hammock shot again proves that winter is an amazing time to getoutside and have fun.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/littleadventuresinfinland



The next of our featured favourites this week comes from @dan.raynham .  This is one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow as he always posts stunning family-orientated photos.  This one, of him and his son, shows the love he has for hiking.  I’m pretty sure it’ll also help others rediscover their love for the outdoors too.

To see more follow him at: www.instagram.com/dan.raynham



The third of our favourites this week is from @my.whitewashed.life .  This beautiful photo captures the very essence of winter: snow.  It also goes to show that if you’ve got gear good enough to wrap kids up in, there’s no reason for them to be stuck inside.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/my.whitewashed.life



The final of our featured weekly favourites was tagged by @mamanonthetrail . This lovely family snap taken at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Reserve, Canada, demonstrates that cold snow still results in very happy faces.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/mamanonthetrail



Thanks so much to everyone who continues to join and share our #pottyadventures Instagram community.  You provide brilliant outdoor inspiration for other families.  As always, we’re sent so many awesome outdoor family photos that here’s just a few more that used the #pottyadventures hashtag last week.  I hope they make you smile.









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