Happy New Year #pottyadventures Instagram Community!  I sincerely hope that you all had a great festive period filled with joy and adventure.  As you will have noticed, I’m sure, we’ve had a little break ourselves over the last couple of weeks.  It was important for us all to unplug from our usual routines and just spend some quality time together.  In doing that we had a lovely Christmas.  Nothing spectacular, just lots of family time, festive gatherings, food and alcohol.  Yes, I now waddle rather than hike.


We also managed to squeeze in our all important outdoor time.  In fact, we’ve really picked things up over the last week or so.  So much so, that I’ve settled on our first first family charitable challenge of 2017.  I’ll be taking part in the Walk 1000 Miles challenge during 2017.  Although it’s a pretty flexible challenge in terms of what constitutes a walk (and I’m very supportive of this point), I’ll only be counting ‘boots on’ hikes and hill walks.  Furthermore, I must have at least one of the kids with me (hopefully both a lot of the time) for my miles to count.  As an outdoor family blogger I think this is the perfect challenge.  It pushes me to get outside during times when I could find an excuse and it exposes my two critters to even more vitamin N.


Importantly, I’ll also be raising money in memory of my wife’s two year old cousin, Amelia-Mae, who passed away as a result of Neuroblastoma, an aggressive and often deadly childhood cancer.  So, if anyone from our #pottyadventures Instagram community would like any further information about the challenge (maybe you could sign up yourself?), our chosen charity, the Amelia-Mae Foundation, that I’ll be raising money for, or would like to donate to my Just Giving page, the link below explains everything:



Right, assuming you’ve all now signed up to walk 1000 miles this year I can continue.  When I started this community just a few short weeks ago I had no idea whether it would catch on.  We have now had well over 1000 tagged photos and the quality of them and your adventures is simply astounding.  So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


The first of our favourites this week comes from @campfiresandkids.   Apart from stealing my usual camp chair position this photo just fills me with happiness.  It also makes me look forward to our first camp of the year.

To see more you can follow them at: www.instagram.com/campfiresandkids



Another of our featured favourites this week is from @littleadventuresinfinland.  I’m so envious of their winter weather and they’re fast becoming a favourite Instagram account of mine.  Cooking with your children in the wild is just an awesome experience – one that everyone should try.

To see more you can follow them at: www.instagram.com/littleadventuresinfinland



This photo by @52weeksofnature looks like a perfect winter hike for children.  I was fortunate enough to experience a very similar day just yesterday and it filled me happiness.  Walking through the snow and frost with the sun on your face is just awesome!

To see more you can follow them at: www.instagram.com/52weeksofnature


The final of our featured favourites this week is from @rockymountaincowgirl.  What a beautiful silhouette photograph this is.  The sort of photo I’d love to take but wouldn’t really know where to start.  Do tell me haha.

To see more you can follow them at: www.instagram.com/rockymountaincowgirl 



As always, here are a few more photos from the #pottyadventures Instagram community that made us smile.  I hope they put a smile on your face too.








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