Happy Monday everyone.  I realise that most of you will balk at the idea of a happy Monday.  Don’t worry, I do too!  Today, however, has brought new meaning to the notion of an unhappy Monday.  A stomach bug, which has swept through the house, already resulting in missed baby classes and a queue for the bathroom, has finally hit me.  Just when I thought I might escape its clutches it hit me…bad!


Consequently, everything has come to a stop over the past few days.  For instance, my #walk1000miles walks have suffered; only managing to get in a handful of miles over the last 7 days.  Furthermore, Amelie missed her very first baby swim class yesterday, which I’m gutted about.  I also missed Jesse using the Magic Carpet ski lift for the first time yesterday during his toddler ski lesson.  What a time to get ill!


However, I do still have a lot to cheer about.  Last Tuesday, the day after our last #pottyadventures Instagram roundup, I found out I had won the Trespass Outdoor Blog of the Year Award for the best hiking and walking blog.  To say I was amazed is an understatement.  I also have some friends over at Graffiti Life who are working on a new blog logo and cover image for me. This is mega cool because these guys actually did some live art at Nat and I’s wedding so to have them involved in the next stage of our life is fitting.  I’ve had a sneaky look at the draft designs so far and it’s safe to say they’re going to be very cool!  If graffiti, street or alternative art is of interest to you definitely check them out: www.graffitilife.co.uk


Because of our illness interrupted week, my personal favourite photo from our family collection is a little older than a week old.  That said, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a cracker.  Here’s Jesse skimming seashells next to Point of Ayr lighthouse on Talacre beach.


Over to your photos and our four featured favourites this week.  First up we have @wanderlust.crew .  This stunning glacial canyon at Aareschlucht, Switzerland is picture postcard good.  It’s definitely somewhere that is now on my ‘to do’ list.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/wanderlust.crew


Next up we have @travelmums .  Taken in Norfolk, it stars not only some awesome outdoor kids but Blossom the VW campervan too.  What a way to get around!

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/travelmums


The third of our featured favourites is this beauty from @daisythebus .  Snapped in Mullerthal, Luxembourg, I can see why they’ll never grow tired of these woodland adventures!

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/daisythebus


The final of our favourites this week is from @topsyturvytribe .  Photographed in Granada, Spain, this encapsulated all that is good about outdoor family time.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/topsyturvytribe


As always, here are four more from the #pottyadventures Instagram collection this week to make you smile.  Have a great week everyone and make sure you snap your awesome outdoor inspiration and share it with us.

















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