Welcome back to our weekly #pottyadventures Instagram roundup.  Here you’ll get your fix of outdoor family fun and find other inspirational families to follow.  Check out our featured accounts as they’re full of destination and activity ideas.  If they look like your kind of family, give them a follow.   As always, all you have to do is include the hashtag #pottyadventures on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured.


We’ve had a good week here at Potty Adventures HQ.  Amelie did her first underwater ‘swim’.  For those of you who read our earlier post on it you’ll know that she hasn’t really taken to swimming all that positively.  Well, this weekend she was like a baby transformed!  Gone were the cries and clinginess; replaced by smiles and enjoyment.   When placed on the side for one particular activity she was even trying to get straight back in.  We were all made up with her.


Also this week, as the temperatures plummeted and the snow began to fall, our local landscape was transformed.  Consequently, we couldn’t resist a hike through the Clwydian Range at the weekend.  It was the first time in a while that the carrier needed its full protective cover on.  We were certainly glad of it as the wind and snow blasted us from all angles.  That said, it was a great walk and we all felt reinvigorated at the end of it.  As such, my favourite photo from our personal family collection this week is this one from our cold weather hike…


Our #pottyadventures Four Featured Favourites

Back to our community photos and the first of our featured images this week is from @mountainsprouts.  Taken in Golden, Colorado I love how the kids are utterly engrossed in what they are doing.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/mountainsprouts



The second of our featured favourites is by @mamanonthetrail.  This snowy walk her toddler on her back looks so peaceful and calming.

To see more follow her at: www.instagram.com/mamanonthetrail



Next up we have @thehelpfulhiker.  She tagged us in this photo of their family walk around Bradgate Park.  Having a toddler of similar proportions I can tell you that hills like this aren’t easy!

To see more follow her at: www.instagram.com/thehelpfulhiker



The final of our featured favourites was tagged by @travelmums/@wanderlust.crew.  What a wonderful family photo of their day at the beach.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/travelmums / www.instagram.com/wanderlust.crew



Four More To Make You Smile

As always, here are four more photos from the last seven days on the  #pottyadventures community.  We hope they make you smile.  Have a great week and make sure you enjoy some outdoor family time.


















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