This week has been an exciting week for our little blog as we launched our very own Instagram community #pottyadventures .  I had deliberately waited until we’d built up a strong, regular following but, just like worrying over whether invited guests would turn up to your 18th birthday bash, I posted this invite with a fair bit of trepidation.  To my great relief, I really needn’t have worried.  We’ve had nearly 30 brilliant entries this week, which for our first week is just amazing!


The purpose of the #pottyadventures community is to connect brilliant, outdoor-orientated parents who want to celebrate their family adventures.  As long as the adventures are family or child focused and they take place outdoors anything goes.  So, whether it’s mud pies and hunting bugs in your back garden, day trips to the zoo or local park, or larger scale adventures, such as family hikes, holidays or camping trips, share them with us by simply using #pottyadventures on Instagram or @pottyadventures on Twitter.  There’s no limit to how many you can send us, so by all means bombard us!


Over the course of each week we’ll like and comment on all of the posts that we’re tagged in.  It’d also be fantastic if everyone took a look at each others too.  After all, these will all be like-minded parents who’ll have some inspirational activities or destinations to share.  Then, every Sunday, we’ll select our favourite images, plus a number of other great photos from the community that have made us smile that week, and share them on our blog and across our social media platforms to give your adventures the recognition they deserve.


So, without further ado, here are my four favourite photos from week 1:


@nature_knut (Instagram) sent us this one from Angeles National Forest, California.  There’s a few places on my hiking bucket list and California is one of them.  To see more of their photos go to:




@nattyangles (Instagram) sent us this one entitled ‘The Power of Mud!’  I love his rather sheepish expression to having devoured parts of the outdoors.  To see more of their photos go to:




@dadupnorthblog (instagram) sent us this one from Cumbria, UK.  I’ve got such a soft spot for this one as it reminds me of myself and my daughter.  They both look so peacefully engrossed in nature.  To see more of their photos go to:




@nifer1015 (Instagram) sent us this one after her toddler fell into the creek.  I just love the defiant ‘so what I’m muddy, deal with it’ pose.  To see more of their photos go to:


I’m sure you’ll agree that these four photos set the bar pretty high.  Of the rest, here’s a bunch of photos from our community this week that either made us smile or made us want to get outside.  I hope they make you smile too…


@frogssnailsgeckotails (Instagram)




@scottishsarah (instagram)




@twotinyhands (instagram)




@happy.healthy.adventure (Instagram)




@beingmrsdavies (Instagram)


Thank you so much to everyone who joined in this week.  We hope you can all make it back with more outdoor family adventures next week. #pottyadventures





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