Brand: Regatta

Product: Mudplay II All-In-One

Price: currently £24.95 (RRP £50)


We all know what kids are like, right? Where most adults struggle to find a proverbial needle in a haystack, little critters seem to have an innate ability to sniff out mud and dirt from miles away. They’re mud predators: distant relatives of the shark family, who can sense blood and excitement from an impossible distance. I don’t care whether you’re in the cleanest environment possible, kids will find a way to cover themselves head to toe in muck. And good on them, I say.


Because that’s what being a kid is all about, right? That beautiful feeling of playful abandon before your consciousness kicks in and restrains you to a life of sensible conformity. Seriously, how many grown men do you see laughing their heads off jumping in muddy puddles? None. And the world is probably a poorer, more inhibited place as a result.


But let’s be sensible about this (cries the adult inside of me). We can’t just let kids run riot outdoors without the gear or clothing to protect them from the elements. At this time of year, particularly, this can be dangerous. Exposure and hyperthermia are not things to leave to chance. Luckily, for the smallest of children, Regatta has the answer: the Mudplay.


The Mudplay is Regatta’s trusted all season, all-in-one playsuit. Constructed with their waterproof Isolite fabric, the suit will ensure your baby or toddler stays dry, whatever the weather. As Regatta also design technical outdoor clothing for prolonged-use hiking or fell walking, you can be sure that this lighter weight version of their excellent Isotex fabric is up to the job of keeping muddy splashes at bay. Amelie has been out in all weather with us on walks and hikes and, although she spends a fair portion of that time in a carrier, she does get out for a stretch, crawl and wobbly walk whenever we stop for a rest break. This is only possible because of the head-to-toe protection and coverage.


The taped seams, a feature across their waterproof range, will also ensure that weaker stitching points also act as a protective barrier. Furthermore, the excellent DWR fabric treatment will stop rain showers from pooling and saturating the suit.


So your little one is dry, but are they warm? They will be as the Mudplay comes fully lined with Thermo-Guard insulation. Not too bulky to restrict their movement, this insulating liner will keep Jack Frost out so little adventurers can carry on playing outdoors throughout the year. Moreover, the inside of the suit is fleece lined, further enhancing its insulating properties.  This also adds a plush, comfortable feel when worn. Cosy or what!


The good news is that the generous fit also means getting extra layers underneath is not a problem. When we’ve been out in exceptionally cold weather, we’ve put Amelie in her baby down jacket underneath her Mudplay suit and she’s still had a good range of movement. She looks like the Michelin Kid but who cares? She’s warm and dry.


Now to the most important factor: damn, is it cute?! Available in four colours and designs, each with an animal face hood and ears, your little ones retain their cute and innocent look while they go berserk through as many puddles as they want. So, whether you see them as a bunny rabbit or a bear, there’s something for everyone. Just make sure you take plenty of photos. They’ll appreciate these on their 18th birthday.


Puddlesuits are simply essential for any self-respecting outdoor family. Whether you’re feeding the ducks at local ponds, building dens in nearby forests, or having a mud kitchen afternoon in the back garden, these fantastic all-in-one suits will keep your precious little explorers warm and dry.




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