We’ve all been there.  Anyone who has ever enjoyed a long, arduous or fast-paced activity in the great outdoors has, at some point, wished they’d carried more water.  The Hydroblu Clear Flow and Versa Flow filter systems offer a great solution.  Better still, you won’t have to carry purification tablets around with you or put up with the grim taste of iodine.  For a quick, practical overview of how they work watch our video demo:




Hydroblu Clear Flow

Hydroblu are an American company borne out of a love for the outdoors, and it shows.  The Hydroblu Clear Flow bottle and integrated filter is practical, easy to use and robust enough to be stuffed away in the most cramped of day-packs.  The bottle itself is BPA-free and has a volume of 0.5L/16 fl oz.  It’s light but durable, and the silicon mouthpiece is a nice touch.  It’s certainly an improvement on your standard plastic mouthpiece.


However, it’s the filter that makes the magic happen.  Having been tested, and surpassing EPA standards, this little beauty will remove 99.9999% of all waterborne contaminants.  That means that you can remove the lid, fill up from the nearest river or stream and rest assured that bacteria, such as E. coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, won’t put an end to your outdoor fun.  All of this without the need for grim-tasting chemicals, iodine or batteries that can run out.

This hollowfibre technology can be found on other water filters and, while it will remove the nasty contaminants, it really doesn’t do much to improve the taste or discolouration of natural water.  This is where the Hydroblu Clear Flow has a trick up its sleeve.  By including a section of activated charcoal, they’re able to combat this longstanding problem.  Consequently, any negative taste and discolouration, along with heavy metals such as iron and lead that are often found in water, are dissipated.  Winner!


With a capacity of 1500L, it’s estimated that each filter will last approximately three years.  That’s a lot of natural, open-source water you’ve got access to.  Furthermore, it couldn’t be easier to take care of.  Simply rinse the filter and bottle with fresh water on your return home to remove any particles and it’s job done.



Hydroblu Versa Flow

So, if you liked the sound of the clear flow but want an even simpler, more versatile version, then the Hydroblu Versa Flow is for you.  Weighing in at a truly featherweight 2oz, you definitely won’t have to worry about adding weight to an already heavy pack.  By omitting the charcoal section, they’ve managed to create a filter that is genuinely versatile.  It can be connected to the hose of a hydration pack, screwed to a plastic water bottle, used as a gravity system or bucket filter…damn it you can even connect the included hose to use as a straw and drink directly from a river!  It’s brilliant!

Given its size, weight and multiple uses, you can easily see why the Versa Flow is perfect for the outdoors.  You could take this everywhere with you and always have a reliable backup that conquers your thirst and keeps you safe and hydrated throughout a plethora of outdoor activities.  Moreover, this is a filter that could conceivably be used indefinitely.  Yes, really.  You see, its unique design allows it be back-flushed with fresh water to remove particles and contaminants.  Unlike the Clear Flow, this version has no filter capacity.  As a result, as long as you look after it, it will look after you.  No need for additional filters, cartridges, batteries or iodine drops ever again! Good, hey!


Both of these Hydroblu filters are great products for outdoor enthusiasts.  Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that they’ll keep you safe when drinking from an open water source.  At least one of them will now forever be in my kitbag.  Currently they’re only distribution centre is the USA.  As such, although they’re available to buy online, readers here in the UK will have to pay overseas courier charges.  However, Hydroblu have informed me that they are currently looking at the UK as a new market as their business continues to expand.  This, indeed, would be great news.

Brand: Hydroblu

Product: Clear Flow and Versa Flow water filters

Price: Clear Flow $25/£20, Versa Flow $20/£16

For more information check out: www.hydroblu.com


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