Tyddyn Isaf is a multi award winning camping and touring park located right on Lligwy Beach in Anglesey.  To say they have a good location would be a massive understatement.  It’s brilliant!  But Tyddyn Isaf is also blessed with great family friendly facilities and staff who go above and beyond the call of duty to make your stay as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Before we start, this particular camping trip was fraught with things going wrong.  Even for very experienced campers like ourselves it became comical just wondering where disaster will strike next.  From the car breaking down twice, to Jesse falling off the posada bed and pulling the newly dyed inner down with him, splitting the stitching that connects the hook in the process, to a new pan handle mysteriously going missing shortly after a certain toddler had been seen to throw something in the bush, which made cooking a little more challenging, to splitting one of the shock cord pegging points.  I think we had enough bad luck on this trip to last us all year.  That said, it is trips like this where being well prepared and having good gear and a few general camping emergency spares (the spare climbing carabiner we always carry did a great makeshift job of keeping the inner up minus its hook) pays huge dividends.  What also helped, however, was having a great campsite with spectacular views to erase the temporary pain of each episode.


The view from our bell tent (bottom right) was spectacular.

Located right on Lligwy beach with a short, private footpath that leads you down to the sand there is definitely a wow factor when you first arrive and begin to set up.  Both camping fields slope gently downwards towards the bay and, while they don’t make for perfectly flat pitches, you are more than compensated with the views that are created by the subtle descent.  Seriously, the slope is so gentle that anyone who complains and wants a pitch that you could balance a spirit level on is probably missing the point here.  With a privacy hedge surrounding the fields on all sides – I say fields, what I actually mean is pristinely kept grass –  each area feels very private and distinct.   Just how we like it.  Furthermore, the hedges create a nice boundary for young critters so we could let our eldest run free without having to worry too much about where he could get to.

The site is most definitely family friendly.  Apart from having their own onsite playground, tents are only positioned around the edges of the fields allowing the centre ground to be kept for playing ball, flying kites and general childhood merriment – all of which are actively encouraged.  There is also a decent amount of space left between pitches so even during bank holidays when this popular site is fully booked it shouldn’t feel overcrowded.  And although it is not something that we personally use, there are also numerous electric hook ups available for those families that want a few more of their home comforts.


The camping fields also have their own adjacent shower and toilet facility that will serve your needs in all but the busiest periods.  Even then, it is only about a 3 minute walk down to a much larger facility.  Another shower block, again only a couple of minutes away, also provides accessible facilities.  The facilities themselves are great.  They are modern and very, very clean.  The showers, operated using your electronic key fob (£10 deposit) that also operates the main entrance and the secure gate down to the beach, are instantly hot and refreshing.  There is also a baby bath located in the ladies. Although we would prefer for this to have been positioned in a gender neutral location to support parents of both sexes who wish to bath their children, it is something that the owners plan to upgrade at the end of the current season. Once done, this will put them way ahead of the vast majority of other sites in terms of providing accessible child friendly facilities, further underlining their status as a premier family friendly site. Furthermore, each of the blocks are fully heated and even offer background music – a far cry from family camping of old!  The location and number of facilities, together with the standard to which they are finished, makes tent life with little ones a relative breeze, particularly when they have been splashing about in the sea or diving around in the sand all day.

The site staff are genuinely friendly and welcoming.  On arrival you’ll be taken down to your pitch and then left for about an hour to give you time to setup before they come back to get you checked in.  They actively interacted with our little ones during our stay, asking them if they were having a good time and what they had been up.  But it was on the final day that they came into their own.  Having packed the car and being ready we turned the ignition to find the car was dead.  A quick phone call led them to send down one of their guys – another genuinely friendly man – with some jump leads to get us started.  Unfortunately for us it didn’t work, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying!  He must have been with us for the best part of an hour.  You simply can’t bring back to life a completely dead battery so breakdown services were called and a short time later, sporting a funky new (but rather expensive) battery, we were on our way.  It’s not often that we are compelled to write to thank people but on this occasion, because of their helpfulness throughout our stay and particularly on the last day we sent them a quick email of gratitude once we arrived home.

In terms of what there is to do beyond the boundaries of Tyddyn Isaf you are pretty spoiled for choice.  Anglesey is the surely the jewel in the north Wales crown with a multitude of spectacular beaches within easy reach.  And that is if you ever get bored with Lligwy beach being on your very doorstep.  A few minutes drive out will take you to Benllech and Red Wharf Bay with their many family friendly eateries (the Boat House on Red Wharf Bay being our personal favourite), shops and pubs.  But if you are just here for a couple of nights you really have no need to leave.  Whether it is waking up early to make a brew under the canopy of the bell tent overlooking the beach, or simply sitting up after sunset quietly listening to the distant waves and sea.  The views from Tyddyn Isaf will never get boring.


The view from our bell tent.


Lligwy beach – less than a 5 minute walk from your tent.

Lligwy beach – less than a 5 minute walk from your tent.

Pristine camp grounds with privacy hedges.


Lligwy beach – less than a 5 minute walk from your tent.

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