Having used PGL in my day job as a teacher to organise school trips in both the UK and abroad, I was delighted to see that they’d recently added adventurous family staycation holidays to their already pretty extensive portfolio of breaks, trips and holidays. So, when they got in touch with us to see whether we’d be interested in checking out one of their PGL family holiday UK centres, Caythorpe Court, we jumped at the chance.

zip line

Every time I’ve used PGL for school trips and school holidays with large groups of pupils, I’ve been seriously impressed, first and foremost, by their staff. They start early, finish late and are always on-hand to support the group. Their activity instructors are always knowledgeable, but they also have the knack of making everything fun – it’s all about learning new skills and trying new things with a big smile on your face.

Their whole ethos and approach clearly lends itself to organised school trips with large groups of older kids who generally know each other pretty well. I did wonder how well this same approach would translate to the new PGL family holidays, with lots of families who had never met before. Furthermore, how would this new adventurous family staycation work with much younger kids (ours are 5 and 7) than PGL are generally used to working with?

raft building

In a nutshell, it was awesome! For any families wanting a weekend (or indeed a week) of adventure, PGL family holidays should definitely be under consideration. The combination of brilliant facilities and fun, enthusiastic staff and instructors who make often scary new experiences (in the minds of young children like ours) seem doable and something to smile about is hard to resist. I’ve always thought that the bond that is forged between pupils (and indeed their teachers) on school trips away is something special. Here, PGL have replicated it for the family. This is all about sharing new, adventurous activities together – it’s quality family time of the highest order!

While we were there, we tried everything from zip lining and raft building and sailing to giant swings that require harnesses and helmets, and a rifle range where the kids got to take aim at targets with a pellet gun! We even let the kids guide us blindfolded through the obstacles of a sensory trail! If the sun and heat hadn’t meant the kids needed a well-earned rest on day one, we also should have got some abseiling in too! Not many holidays can boast this range of activities for families to experience all together. And, in true PGL style, everything was made fun.

sensory trail

The activities didn’t stop when the sun set either. PGL staff offer up nightly entertainment whether it’s an outdoor film on the big screen on the lawn, or a family competition to see which group can design and make the best protective cardboard box for a water balloon that’ll then be thrown off the 10m climbing wall. Of course, any water balloons that survive inside their cardboard contraptions were then used to fire at will at the PGL staff.

You can clearly see that PGL have invested heavily in venturing into the family staycation market and it shows. We genuinely wouldn’t hesitate to go again. We loved it, the kids loved it, and we shared all of those experiences together as a family. PGL family holidays are a winner!

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Caythorpe Court

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