After sitting on this exciting news for some time, I am extremely proud to announce that, for the next two years, I will represent Ordnance Survey as a #GetOutside Champion. This ambassadorial role is designed to inspire more people, from all walks of life, to…yes, you’ve guessed it… get outside.

I’m in very good company too. TV presenter, Atlantic rower, and all-round adventurer Ben Fogle is a #GetOutside Champion. As is extreme endurance athlete Sean Conway, a man who completed a self-supported 4000+ mile, continuous Ultra Triathlon that circumnavigated the entire coast of mainland Britain.

World renowned high altitude mountaineer, Kenton Cool (a personal hero of mine), a guy who has successfully climbed Everest a whopping 12 times and recovered from a horrific fall to do it all again, is another. While Guinness World Record holder, Belinda Kirk, who rowed unsupported around Britain, and works with disadvantaged kids, is also a proud #GetOutside Champion.

If the truth be known, I’m a little daunted by all of this. Every single one of the Champions who have been selected to represent OS over the next two years is incredibly inspirational. Each of them bring their own wealth of knowledge, passion and expertise. From those who motivate and inspire the over 60s to spend more time in the great outdoors, to those who dedicate themselves to ensuring people with disabilities have equal access to outdoor pursuits; I am genuinely humbled to have been chosen to be amongst them. I’ve followed many of their exploits, adventures and advice on social media for quite some time. Now I get to join them, meet them, and learn from them.

Llyn Padarn

However, while I get carried away talking about the other #GetOutside Champions, I had better explain my role in all of this. My purpose is to be an advocate for families spending more time outdoors. The little idea that I had, to give parents the knowledge, ideas and inspiration to spend more time outside when I started Potty Adventures, now has an even bigger platform to reach even more parents and families.

So, over the next two years and beyond, I want to encourage more kids to be outdoors. I want them to see the benefits of Free Play and immerse themselves in their surroundings. I want parents to join them, nurturing, teaching and ultimately giving freedom to their children to explore our wonderful natural landscape. Parenting and life in general is hard. Work commitments, family life and everything in-between can take its toll on us. Consequently, I want parents to make space for themselves to enjoy and explore the outdoors too. After all, a physically fit and emotionally strong parent is one who can be there to support their kids in all they do.

All-in-all, I want more families, of all abilities, ages and experience, to #GetOutside. Whether your kids need to put down their screens and burn off some energy, or you need to reconnect with nature and get yourself fit; I hope you’ll join me in spreading this important message while enjoying many adventures of your own.


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