To my utter surprise and delight it’s been confirmed that we’ve made the final shortlist of five for the Trespass Outdoor Blog of the Year Awards in the hiking category! (Cue unadulterated happy dance around the living room in typical uncool dad fashion).

Now that I’ve sat back down I’m still struggling to get my head around it. I was aware of the awards, of course I was: Trespass are one of the UK’s most successful outdoor retailers! But me? Clerical error? Wind-up? I hadn’t even posted about the awards on the blog or on any of our social media accounts, partly because I didn’t think I stood a chance, and partly because this kind of thing – asking for support – isn’t really my thing. Consequently, I thought our chances of even getting a single nomination were miniscule. Even my mum pleaded innocent when I quizzed her!

However, despite all of this, not only did we get nominated but, in an even bigger shock, the people over at the Trespass Outdoor Blog Awards (who, I may add, have exquisite taste and cultural acumen) looked at our nomination and decided we were good enough, of all of those nominated, to make the final five! I’m struggling hard not to swear at this point, so I will just say ‘amazeballs!’ instead.

Now that we’ve made the final shortlist of five, this is where you, our readers and followers, come in. The overall winner is decided by public vote and I’m a little fish in an ocean-sized pond. Our blog is 9 months old. We’re basically the infantile baby of the group and we’re up against some truly great outdoor blogs who have been at it far longer than we have. So, if we have in anyway informed you, inspired you, or even just made you smile, please consider voting for us by clicking on the link below. Nobody thought Leicester could ever win the Premier League, but look how that turned out!

So, a big thank you to anyone who nominated us, we really appreciate it!   And, of course, a big thank you to everyone who continues to read, like and share what we post. Now, what are you waiting for? Click on the link or badge below and go vote!  Don’t forget, we’re in the hiking and walking category.


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