Learning to swim is a rite of passage; it’s also an essential life skill that could save your life. What many of us underestimate, however, is that being able to swim is so much more than this vital ability to sustain yourself and survive in water. Swimming opens up so many other adventurous doors. It gives you the confidence to try your hand at new outdoor activities and sports, things you won’t even consider if you lack the confidence and competence to be around water. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with top baby and toddler swimwear brand Konfidence as a 2017 Konfidence Swimologist.

Over the next few months, our youngest, Amelie, will be taking her first tentative steps (or splashes) in the water with the help and support of Konfidence and Turtle Tots. During this time, we’ll be charting her progress from complete novice to Olympic champion. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the picture. I’m genuinely excited to get into the water with Amelie on her first swimming lesson next week. I remember it well from Jesse’s lessons when he was a baby, but each individual child responds differently, especially to activities such as this where you’re dunking them under water on a regular basis!


Of our two young children, Amelie is already showing that she has the potential to be the more daring of the two. She’s the reckless early climber, whereas Jesse is far more tentative, considering his options before he makes that leap. As such, I’ve got all of my fingers crossed that she’ll approach swimming as she approaches everything else: without fear. But, you never know, do you! I might be writing this time next week about my quivering wreck of a daughter who spent the entire lesson climbing me in order to escape the water!


Whatever Amelie’s, reaction, we’ll chart it…the good and the bad! I don’t expect it to be all plain sailing; it won’t be. But, by sticking with it and supporting her with lots of cuddles, she’ll get there. And that, for me, is the important thing. I have great memories of being a young kid of about 9 or 10 and windsurfing at the National Watersports Centre. I remember building rafts and canoeing with the Cubs and Scouts, and gorge-walking on adventurous trips away.  Consequently, I want my kids to harness this confidence that swimming can provide and forge their own adventurous memories. Basically, I want to wake up one morning and for Amelie to say to me, ‘do you fancy going coasteering today Dad?’.


As a Konfidence Swimologist, not only will we be charting Amelie’s progress over the course of her baby swim lessons, we’ll also be checking out Konfidence’s range of baby swim products. And it’s quite a range they’ve got! With everything from Babywarmas and Aqua Nappies to changing mats and water toys, we’ll be running the rule over the lot. Furthermore, later on in the process, we’ll have a range of great Konfidence products to give away to you, our readers and followers. So make sure you keep a close eye on our social media channels for your chance to get your hands on some great free stuff for you and your kids.


Check in again with us next week to see whether Amelie’s first experience as a Konfidence Swimologist was one of smiles or one of excruciating screams. Wish me luck.


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