Some angry little naysayers out there may cough, splutter and eventually choke at the thought of using one day of the calendar year to, as their mind will process it: tokenistically celebrate mums everywhere. This group of people see Mother’s Day (and pretty much everything else) as a consumer-driven sham designed to part us from our hard-earned money in exchange for a fleeting sense of goodwill and a droopy bunch of flowers destined to have the same lifespan as your average Mayfly. 

While I fully acknowledge the effects of consumerism in driving gift sales, and promoting these ever-more corporate yearly events, I am definitely in the other camp of people who fully believe that it’s bloody nice to see the mums in your life on Mother’s Day, to make a bit of a fuss of them and let them know that everything that they do and have done for you is massively appreciated.  I can hear the grumblings of trolls now: ”well, you should appreciate them every day!” The thing is I really do.  I thank my mum and my wife for all manner of stuff on a very regular basis.   But, for one day a year, if that happens to involve flowers and a card then so-be-it.  I’m fine with anything that promotes love and appreciation.  Above all of the cards and flowers, however, Mother’s Day should be about time.  Time spent together.  Unfortunately for me, this year, a phone call will have to suffice. 

It’s usually that other plague of consumerism Valentine’s Day that I miss out on because each February half-term I’m away skiing with the school. However, this year, our trip has been moved to Spring Break (woohoo!)  so it’s Mother’s Day that I’ll be away for.  I’d love nothing more than to be there on Sunday to share good food and company but, unfortunately, I’ll be in transit somewhere between the UK and Sierra Nevada range.  It’s ironic really.  The reason I’ll be away is a direct result of being brought up by my mum to try new things, be adventurous and to love the outdoors.  Those things instilled in me when she signed me up for Cubs and then Scouts and took me along with her Ramblers group from about the age of 7 have stayed with me.  I sincerely hope that if my kids ever miss Father’s Day it’s because they’re away doing something awesome that enriches their life.

Likewise, with two small children, it would be impossible for me to pursue these interests and activities, and support adventurous school trips like the yearly ski trip, without the support of my very understanding wife.  The ongoing support that she gives to me has always been unwavering and the fact that she solo parents from time-to-time while I’m away, without the hint of a moan or groan is testament to her character.  She’s a pretty special woman, perfectly illustrated by the fact that with me away she’s invited my mum around to spend Mother’s Day with her and the kids.

So, basically, I’m a very lucky guy to have these two awesome women in my life.  This Mother’s Day, I might not be present in person, but they’’ both be at the forefront of my thought.  I’ll look forward to calling you both later x

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