Welcome to our #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup week 52. This is the place to get your fix of outdoor family fun and find other inspirational families to follow. Do check out our featured accounts as they’re packed full of bucket list destinations and great activity ideas. If they look like your kind of family, give them a follow. As always, all you have to do is include the hashtag #pottyadventures on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured.


As this is our fifty-second roundup, it means that our little Instagram community has been active for an entire year.  When I first searched the #pottyadventures hashtag on Instagram 12 months ago, it had a mere 122 images, mostly of kids on…yes, you’ve guessed it…potties.  It now has well in excess of 6000 images, full of families enjoying the great outdoors.  As such, I’d really like to thank everyone who joins in and uses the hashtag for providing me, and so many other families, with some great inspiration.


We’ve had a good week here at Potty Adventures HQ.  Nat and the kids had a great time away at Disneyland Paris and came home full of tales of which character they met and which rides they’d been on.  As much as their return broke the peace and tranquillity that had taken over the house last week, it was awesome to have them back home.  Although, the days are getting shorter now we’re still managing lots of short trips outdoors. As well as getting out on my own for a dusk walk in our local hills, we had a lovely family forest walk at the weekend.  Consequently, my favourite picture from our family collection this week is this one…



Four Featured Favourites

Back to the #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup and, as ever, we have an awesome collection of images. The first of our featured favourites was hashtagged by @rockymountainminis.  This awesome photo was taken at the Lions Festival of Lights in Calgary, Canada.  All they had for company was a few friends, fresh soft snow and a great sunset.  Bliss.

Lions Festival of Lights

Follow them at: www.instagram.com/rockymountainminis


Next up we @four_acorns.  Aiming to dig his way to China, it just goes to show what simple fun can be had in the great outdoors.

Follow them at: www.instagram.com/four_acorns



The third of our featured favourites was hash tagged by @expat.adventures.  The second of our wintry images this week, we too are praying for some snowfall and sledge days in the near future.

Follow them at: www.instagram.com/expat.adventures



The final of our featured favourites this week was hash tagged by @nacpritchard.  It’s a great shot of Little Roo looking slightly weary but ever so cosy on a recent family hike.

Follow them at: www.instagram.com/nacpritchard



Four More To Make You Smile

As always, we’re tagged in so many cool outdoor family photos that it would be a crime not to share a few more. So, in addition to our four featured favourites, here are four more to make you smile. Enjoy.








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