Welcome back to our weekly #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup.  Here you’ll get your fix of outdoor family fun and find other inspirational families to follow.  Please check out our featured accounts as they’re full of destination and activity ideas.  If they look like your kind of family, give them a follow.   As always, all you have to do is include the hashtag #pottyadventures on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured.


We’ve had a good week here at Potty Adventures HQ.  I’ve now officially broken up for Easter, so I’m on full-on holiday mode.  With plenty planned to keep us busy, including a wild camp, a couple of mountain days, and a further camping trip with friends; this Easter should be a good one.


Yesterday we held our first accessible group walk.  Aimed at buggy pushers and wheelchair users, we got an incredible 29 people come out with us and enjoy the great outdoors.  16 adults and 13 kids walked 9.5 miles around Llyn Brenig, North Wales.  The weather was lovely and everyone had a great time.  Although we’ve been organising our family friendly group hikes for a while now, we hope that this will be the first of many accessible walks.  Here’s what it looked like…

Four Featured Favourites

Back to the community and, as always, we have four brilliant featured photos for you this week.  First up we have @nacpritchard with this little cutie.  Baby meet tree, tree meet baby.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/nacpritachard

Next up we have one of our favourite Instagram accounts @topsyturvytribe.  These guys just can’t take bad photos!  The combination of the stunning surroundings and precious family time is a winner with me.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/topsyturvytribe

The third of our featured favourites was tagged by @tinboxtraveller.  Taken during their recent glamping trip it goes to show that camping can indeed be comfortable and stylish.  It looks like they had a great time.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/tinboxtraveller

The final of our favourites this week was tagged by @thehouseofwildhearts.  Captured at Monrovia canyon it depicts two young outdoor explorers engrossed in the world around them.  Beautiful shot.

To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/thehouseofwildhearts



#pottyadventures Instagram Community Four More to Make You Smile

As ever we couldn’t just limit you to four photos.  We’re tagged in so many inspirational outdoor family pics that it’s be a crime not to share more.  So here’s four more to make you smile.  Enjoy.
















Thanks again to everyone who tagged us in photos over the last seven days.  If you’re going on any outdoor family adventures this week don’t forget to use the hashtag #pottyadventures.  Have a lovely week everyone.

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