Welcome back to the fourth installment of our #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup.  This week has seen yet more fantastic outdoor family fun join our growing community.  I’m always inspired by the photos we’re tagged in and the last week has been no exception.  It’s great to see our UK community members still getting outside and enjoying the many outdoor jewels that we possess, despite the greying skiing and dipping temperatures.  It’s also great to see so many beautiful destinations from all over the world joining us and stirring my yearning for travel.  So from misty, snow-capped mountain vistas to balmy, turquoise-sea kayak adventures, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did.


Our favourite family photo from our personal collection this week is this family group shot.  It’s not particularly remarkable as photos go but it’s my favourite simply because when we’re out hiking we rarely manage to get a photo with all four of us in it.  So, at the start of this walk, I decided to use the Nikon app on my phone to remotely control the camera that was placed on a small rock on the bonnet of my car.  The lengths you go to, hey!  If you look closely you can see my phone in my hand pressing the ‘shoot’ button.  Now I’ve done it once I’m sure we’ll use this again, particularly when we’re hiking in isolated areas with few people around.



Anyway, back the community and what a collection we received again.  The first of our favourites this week is from @expat.adventures who had been on an adventure up Mount Rigi, Switerland.  The misty, snow-capped mountain backdrop reminds me why I love the high mountains so much.  Everything is so huge and awe inspiring.  To see more, follow them at www.instagram.com/expat.adventures





Our next photo comes from @soppymum in the beautiful Seychelles.  Although I love the autumn and the cold, misty mornings full of colour, there are those odd drizzly mornings where I daydream about being on a beach scene like this.  Throw in a little one having an awesome kayak adventure and it’s a huge recipe for outdoor success.  To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/soppymum




From floating on top of the waves to deep underground, our next photo shows that beauty also lies within.  Big thanks to @activekidsclub for send us this.  There’s so much mystery about caves and the rock formations and shadows are just brilliant.  To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/activekidsclub




The final of our favourites this week comes from the brilliant @kippersandcurtains .  This great shot of her little boy just reminds me of a young Indiana Jones contemplating his next outdoor, autumn adventure.  The colours that surround him remind me just why I love walking in autumn so much.  To see more follow them at www.instagram.com/kippersandcurtains




As always, here’s a few more photos from the past #pottyadventures week that made us smile.  Thanks so much to everyone who joined in.  Keep having lots of outdoor family fun and be sure to tag us in on instagram using #pottyadventures to be featured.

















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