Welcome back to week 6 of our #pottyadventures Instagram community roundup.  As ever we’ve been tagged in some wondrous and inspiring outdoor family photos this week.  You guys really do brighten up Instagram and offer such great ideas to others!


We’ve had a busy week as our eldest, Jesse, celebrated his 3rd birthday on Friday.  We had family round to the house on Friday evening for a little tea party before an epic musical birthday extravaganza yesterday.  Seriously, my ears are still ringing now, but the cacophony of toddlers present all seemed to have an absolute ball!



The weather has been pretty grim in North Wales for the past week.  After four hours of persistent rain during our family friendly group hike last week, I hiked through more mist and drizzle this weekend. As our toddler was off working on his Cruyff turn at his football class, I got to spend some precious daddy-daughter time out on the hills with our baby.   For that reason this far from artistic or flattering selfie is my favourite photo from our family collection this week.




Back to you guys and awesome images you tagged us in, here’s our favourites from the past seven days.  First up is @bavariansojourn with their stunning shot of dad and his two boys meandering down an Austrian valley.  I’m sure you’ll agree, the backdrop is just beautiful.


To follow them visit: www.instagram.com/bavariansojourn



Next up is another awesome photo from @nature_knut .  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anyone seeking outdoor family inspiration should check their account out.  Given that I’ve spent a fair bit of this week walking through mist and rain, I’m also a little envious of their sunny disposition at Monrovia Falls, Los Angeles.


To follow them visit:  www.instagram.com/nature_knut



Another of our favourites this week came from @wanderingbeans .  I love the smiling desire that baby has to haul themselves up a muddy incline.  Beautifully snug in a puddlesuit and gloves, it also serves to prove (for us wintered UK folk) that outdoor fun shouldn’t come to end as the temperatures dip.


To follow them visit:  www.instagram.com/wanderingbeans



The final of our favourites this week comes from @thehelpfulhiker . This fun-filled  photo taken at Fermyn Woods Country Park shows Finn getting to grips with some of the fantastic looking features on the new Wild Play Trail.  Again, it beautifully demonstrates that good clothing will enable you to have epic fun whatever the weather.


To follow them visit:  www.instagram.com/thehelpfulhiker



As always, in addition to our weekly favourites, here’s a small selection of other photos that we were tagged in this week that just made us smile.  Before we go, thanks to everyone who tagged us in photos this week, please keep them coming.  Just use the hashtag #pottyadventures on any instagram images of outdoor family fun.  It really is a great way to connect with and follow like-minded families.  I look forward to more of your photos over the next seven days.
















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