Welcome to week seven of our Instagram community roundup.  Thanks so much to everyone who continues to join and grow our special little community of outdoor family fun.  This week, like previous weeks, demonstrates the beauty and joy to be had in the great outdoors.  There’s simply oodles of it!


If, however, you’re reading this for the first time, simply tag us in any outdoor family photos that you post on Instagram during the week by using the hashtag #pottyadventures .  Each week we’ll select our favourites, plus a few more that made us smile, to post and share across our network.  It’s simply about inspiring other families to get outside and make the most of their natural surroundings.


With the prospective of sounding like Michael Fish hanging over me like a dark cloud (get it?), I start again with the weather.  I’m so impressed that so many of you are still getting out and about as the weather continues to deteriorate.  I had quite a heated debate with someone in a Facebook hiking group yesterday about exposure and keeping kids warm on hikes.  In the end he relented (of course he did, I hear you cry); after I’d pointed out the numerous assumptions that he’d incorrectly made.  It was actually refreshing for someone to acknowledge and admit their misguided assumptions, particularly in a public forum, so credit where credit’s due in that regard.


However, his points did resonate with me as I’m sure they would have with you.  His concerns echoed that of many parents and non-parents alike who automatically believe winter is a time to relent from outdoor play and enter the safer confines of heated homes and television screens.  Very few people, beyond a select group (of which you’re are all advocates) see anything but problems and issues.  I, of course, disagree.  It’s all about managing those potential risks so that they become nothing more than a well acknowledged background thought.  As long as you have the correct clothing, gear, skill set and experience, and plan activities or desinations that are fully inclusive to the needs of everyone in your group (in my case a baby and toddler), then there is no reason to shut yourself away this winter.  Anyway, slightly unplanned rant over!


From our personal #pottyadventures family collection I bring you this beauty of my wife carrying my baby girl in Snowdonia on Saturday.  We stayed low and took advantage of the good November weather to breathe in the awesome beauty of this great national park.  What a view!



Over to you guys, the first of our favourites comes from @skinnyandsane with this wonderful photo of their baby celebrating a monthly landmark.  Covered in fallen leaves, the happiness is clear to see.  It also score 11 on the cute scale!


If you want to see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/skinnyandsane



Another of our favourites this week is this epic tree balacing shot by @frogssnailsgeckotails .  These are regulars to the #pottyadventures community and the fun and learning that they have in their adventure school sessions is just brilliant.


If you want to see more follow them at www.instagram.com/frogssnailsgeckotails



The third of our week seven favourites is this stunning family photo taken in beautiful Cordoba by @topsyturvytribe .  Another #pottyadventures regular they certainly do get to visit some wonderful places.  I love that the baby is leaning left to take it all in.


If you want to see more follow them at www.instagram.com/topsyturvytribe



Last, but very certainly not least, @daisythebus tagged us in this adventurous shot of their son hiking with them.  He looks so at ease taking in the view and his environment – who cares if it was a rainy November day? He certainly doesn’t!


If you want to see more follow them at www.instagram.com/daisythebus



As always, here’s a few more from the #pottyadventures Instagram community that were just good not to share.  I hope all of these photos have filled you to the brim with outdoor ideas and inspiration for this forthcoming week.  Get outside and have fun.
















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