Wow! Two whole months have passed since our very first #pottyadventures Instagram community weekly roundup.  And yet, as I sit here typing, I’m aware that this is one of the things I most look forward to in the weekly life of my blog.


The reason I look forward to it so much is because of you, the community members, who tag us in amazing and inspirational photos each week.  That makes me very happy.  What also makes me happy are the wonderful, supportive comments you leave about each others photos when I post the weekly favourites and the ‘make you smile’ shots.  You’re are a great bunch.  But, then again, I’ve always had that opinion of us ‘outdoor folk’.  I think the vitimin D broadens our mind as well as strengthening our bones!


Now, I have to admit to a little cheat this week with regards to my featured photo from our family album.  It’s not technically outside.


(Here’s a little pause room so you can all, in unison, cry foul ‘what do you bloody mean it’s not outside you useless buffoon!’  ‘This is an outdoor community you Wally!’)


As I was saying: it’s not technically outside.  But given I was SO proud of my little boy after his very first ski lesson, aged just 3 years and 2 weeks, I couldn’t resist.  Plus it’s skiing and that takes place outside (usually), right?



Back to your photos and, as usual, I’m blown away with the awesome activities you all get up to, the amazing places you discover, and the quality of your photographic skills.  First up is @havekidswilltraveluk with this gorgeous shoreline photo.  Such a warm and touching moment in such a beautiful environment.


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Next up is @amandablue4 with some winter sledging fun.  For starters this is actually outside (unlike mine!) and the happiness on their faces and the bright nature of their clothes is such a lovely contrast to the bleak, snowy surroundings.  Love it!2

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The third of our favourites this week comes from @happy.healthy.adventure who tagged us in the stunning boardwalk photo.  Taken on one of their local coastal hikes they correctly pointed out that even on a dreary day the outdoors can be gorgeous.


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The last of our featured favourites this week was photographed by @mountainsprouts .  Taken at Crested Butte in Colorado, this depicts such a naturally beautiful landscape with their precious toddler just soaking it all up.


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As always, as well as our featured weekly favourites here are four more from the #pottyadventures Instagram community that were just too good not to share.  Thanks so much to everyone who tagged us in photos last week.  We can’t wait to see what you get up to this week.  Have fun!

















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