This week has been a mixed week here at Potty Adventures HQ.  As we get closer and closer to Christmas I still feel like we have absolutely loads to do as family.  We haven’t even finished our Christmas shopping, for instance, and will be tearing around the shops on Thursday evening after work in the hope of getting it all done.  We also have food and drink shopping to do – God only knows when!  All of this, together with my unseasonably late school holiday dates, mean that by Friday, when I finally finish, I’ll be exhausted.  Even worse, the combination of this busyness and the dark winter nights, have impacted upon our outdoor time.


Apart from a few walks around the local woodlands and a little trip to the zoo, we’ve been confined to the house.  Arghhhh!  I can literally sometimes feel the onset of cabin fever.  I can feel myself getting agitated as boredom kicks in.  What I’m consoling myself with is that I’m fortunate to get a good solid break over the festive period.  My late finish means I don’t go back to work until the 9th January.  Consequently, I’ve got a lovely period of time to plan and enjoy some quality outdoor days.  Furthermore, the first family friendly group hike of 2017 has been organised, which is great.  We’ve developed a lovely little hiking bunch and it’s always a pleasure to walk with them.  However, I intend to get a lot of adventuring done before that group walk!


The great news this week is that I’ve made the final shortlist of five for the Trespass Outdoor Blog of the Year in the hiking category.   This, as I expressed in my original post on it, was completely unexpected.  That said, what a great way to finish to 2016!  Thank you to anyone who rather sneakily nominated us in the first place and thanks to everyone who has, or intends to vote for us in the final.  Your support is very much appreciated.  As I say, the final shortlist of five is down to a public vote so, if you haven’t voted yet and would like to, click on the badge below.  It literally takes a minute.  Don’t forget, you’ll find us in the hiking category.

Back to the #pottyadventures Instagram community and what a collection we have yet again.  Whereas I’ve genuinely struggled to get out over the last seven days, some of you have had no such trouble.  Green with envy looking over the community photos this week has just made me more determined than ever to get out over the next seven days.


First up is @happy.healthy.adventure with this epic photo of their first snowshoe hike with the whole family to Lonesome Lake.  Located in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA, this certainly has me wishing for a white Christmas here in the UK.

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Next up we have another community member from the USA.  @wanderlust.crew tagged us in the beauty of some more outdoor snow fun.  Feeling whacked during their 10 hour journey home they took a little detour to enjoy the last of the light.  Great shot!

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The third of our featured favourites is from @littleowlski.  Taken at Stafford Castle, this lovely shot of three cousins all dressed up for for some winter exploration is awesome.

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The final of our featured favourites this week is from @activekidsclub.  Now you’ve got to be pretty fit to cross country ski so this little one completed a round circuit of 3km is to be applauded.  Taken in Toronto, thanks again for joining us @activekidsclub.

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As always here’s a few more from our #pottyadventures Instagram community over the last seven days.  Just before we go we’d like to thank everyone that joins in, using the hashtag #pottyadventures.  You never fail to put a smile on my face and you continue to provide amazing outdoor inspiration to other families.  We wish everyone of our followers and community members a very happy Christmas and an adventurous New Year.








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