Welcome back to our weekly #pottyadventures Instagram roundup. I guarantee this week, like every week, you’ll be inspired by our collection of outdoor family photos. If you’re new to us, just remember that all you have to do is include the hashtag #pottyadventures over on Instagram for a chance to be featured. The #pottyadventures community is a fantastic and supportive group of like-minded families so you’ll never be short of ideas. Whatever the weather or season, our weekly collection will also give you the impetus to get outside and explore.


Here in North Wales, we managed to get outside a few time last week. Recently, when we get out as a family, our miles seem to have started to decrease. However, we have a very good excuse: Amelie, who is now 15 months old. She is eager to clamber out of the carrier at every opportunity. She loves toddling about at a snails pace exploring everything around her.  Her love for the outdoors is clear already and I think she’d follow Jesse anywhere. So, in spite of us not covering much ground at present, these are precious moments that we’re holding onto dearly.


We’re obviously huge photo advocates but, since we’ve had the GoPro, it’s also now much easier to record video memories when we’re outdoors. I need to work on my editing skills as I’m still relying on the templates but I’ve been amazed just how easy it has been to put these short clips together. And, let’s face it; it’s yet another thing that I’ll be able to bring out at their 18th birthday party to make them cringe with embarrassment haha. So, here’s a short video memory of our outdoor morning at Loggerheads Country Park yesterday:


In terms of my favourite personal family photo from the last seven days it’s got to be this one of Nat and Jesse deep conversation…


Back to the community photos and the first of our featured favourites is from @bushwalkingbubs. Taken in the beautiful Cook Islands on their walk to ‘The Needle’ I’m sure you’ll all agree that we wish we were there!

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/bushwalkingbubs



Next up we have one of our regular community members @topsyturvytribe. I just love how their young son is pointing and leading the way. It really is one of the best ways to keep kids engaged outdoors.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/topsyturvytribe



The third of our featured favourites was tagged by @rockymountaincowgirl .  Now, I’m a sucker for an elevated view and boy does this tick my boxes!

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/rockymountaincowgirl



The final of our featured favourites is from @amandablue4.  When you’re outdoors with kids it not just about where you are; it’s also about what you do.  Playing airplanes on top of a giant boulder is brilliant and it sure beats playing airplanes in your living room.

To see more follow them at: www.instagram.com/amandablue4


As ever, here are four more photos from the #pottyadventures community to make you smile.  Enjoy, and until next week, have a time exploring outdoors as a family.

















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