Merino wool is one of the most talked about and desirable products in the world of outdoor clothing.  Harvested from Merino sheep, it’s significantly lighter than other types of wool.  Its super-fine fibres also mean that it’s far more suited to people with sensitive skin than traditional wool.  Consequently, unlike other wool types it’s perfectly suited to being worn next to the skin as a baselayer.  Add to this the fact that it’s a brilliant natural insulator, yet it’s still highly breathable, and you begin to see why specialist outdoor brands are able to produce top-notch outdoor garments using it.  The only problem is that the vast majority of these brands only make garments for adults.  That is, until now.  Step forward the Amamaya Lukla baselayer.

Amamaya lukla baselayer

The Amamaya Lukla baselayer is the brainchild of Amamaya Clothing.  Being relatively new they may, at present, only have a pretty small range of outdoor-specific garments.  However, what they do have are some pretty awesome ones.  What’s more, their range has been designed and made exclusively for outdoor kids.


Due to the properties of Merino wool, the Amamaya Lukla baselayer is perfect for wearing next to young, sensitive skin in cold weather.  It’ll insulate them effectively (as part of a layering system) in freezing cold adventures, but it’s also fine enough not to be noticed or felt.  In fact, it is so soft and comfortable that I genuinely wish they made them for adults!   Furthermore, in milder weather, this makes a great standalone top.

Amamaya lukla baselayer

As well as being made from Merino wool, the Amamaya Lukla baselayer has lots of cool features that show that it belongs in the great outdoors.  Firstly, the body is a little longer than normal tops so that it can be tucked in to pants and over trousers.  This may seem like a small thing but it’s mightily effective at keeping little lower backs warm when you’re on the move.


Next, the wrist cuffs have thumb loops.  I have thumb loops on several pieces of outdoor clothing so can testify as just how useful they are.  Essentially, when you’re layering midlayers and outer layers on top it can be pretty easy for baselayers to be dragged up the arm, leaving wrists and lower forearms prone to getting a chill.  Of course, this also means that it’ll stay in place when wearing gloves.

Amamaya lukla baselayer

Oh, and then there’s the snood to consider.  As you’ll see from the images, the coloured neck areas are in fact a snood, designed to keep the neck snug, in really chilly weather.  Yes, they literally have thought of everything.    Few kids’ clothes can boast little features like these.


Ok, so the Amamaya Lukla baselayer is amazingly functional for adventurous kids and families.  But, let’s face it, it also looks gorgeous too.  Amamaya really deserve applauding for pouring their extensive outdoor knowledge into this product.  However, it’s clear that they’ve also poured their entire heart into it too.  They are brilliant for hiking, camping, skiing and for pretty much any outdoor family adventure.  At present, the company offer the Lukla baselayer and a Merino wool beanie-style kid’s hats.  However, I’m told more products will be released very soon.  I, for one, can’t wait.

Brand:  Amamaya Clothing

Price: £38

Amamaya lukla baselayer

Amamaya lukla baselayer Amamaya lukla baselayer


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