As many of you will know, Amelie is an ambassador for children’s swimwear brand Konfidence. In her role as an official Konfidence Swimologist, we have been charting the ups and downs of her swimming adventure. It’s been a great experience. Watching her go from being a frightened and ferocious Koala  ( ), to being confident around the water, giggling as she splashes, and trying to actively put her own face under, has been amazing!


What has also helped is having great quality swim gear. It may seem inconsequential, but not having to worry about her being too cold, or not having to worry about a mid-lesson sewage spill, has made things a lot easier. My only concern has been: is she enjoying it? That’s the way it should be.


So, here we’ll give you the rundown on our favourite bits of Konfidence kit. Furthermore, if any of them catch your eye, we’ll be giving you the chance to win a £50 Konfidence voucher. That way, you can visit the website and select a bunch of your favourite items in whichever colour or pattern you want. Just remember: they don’t just design swim gear for babies. They also make wetsuits and the like for children up to the age of 12. Sound good? Of course it does! Read on…


Konfidence Babywarma

The first of our favourite Konfidence products is the Babywarma wetsuit. Not only does Amelie look super cute in it, it’s really functional too. Young children cannot regulate their body heat as effectively as adults so keeping them warm is a priority. We’ve been lucky with the pool where we have our lessons as, most weeks, it’s like a warm bath. However, when we supplement these sessions with our family visits to a public swimming pool, the water is rather more ‘refreshing’. As such, the Babywarma is a great way to keep her warm, engaged and happy.

Konfidence Aquanappy and NeoNappy Swim Cover

As I’ve just alluded to, our designated lesson pool is toasty. I could quite happily float round in it for hours. Consequently, the combination of the Konfidence Aquanappy and the NeoNappy Swim Cover is a winner. Before we arrived for our very first baby swim class, Turtle Tots sent us an email outlining a few things. This was a great way to prepare us. It covered all manner of practical things that we had never considered. However, one point stuck in my head above all others. Poo!


Despite giving us great info on how to minimise the chances of a little brown boat joining the lesson, I was fixated. I felt like taping the edges of her shorts with gaffer tape! Fortunately, I needn’t have worried. Together, the Aquanappy and NeoNappy cover have proved a robust defence comparable with Liverpool’s 1980s dynamic duo of Hanson and Lawrenson. They have been impenetrable!

Konfidence Roll & Go Change Mat

Next up on our Konfidence much-loved list is the Roll & Go baby change mat. Changing Amelie at home is never an easy task. She either wants to be naked or dressed. There is no in-between! She will fight and resist, clawing her way out of our clutches. Behaving like an angry gnome at home is one thing, but a wet, slippery changing room with a hard tiled floor could spell disaster. Thankfully, the Roll & Go neoprene change mat eliminates the prospect of her slipping. Being slightly cushioned it also provides a welcome break from the cold, hard floor.

Konfidence Swimology Bag

The last of our favourites is the Swimology bag. Ok, some may argue that kids have loads of bags, and they do. However, if you’re anything like us, their nursery bag, for example, pretty much remains packed throughout the week; ready to go at just a moment’s notice. Moreover, having a dedicated swim bag is a nice treat. Amelie now recognises the bag and equates it with her fun Turtle Tots lessons. Of course, it will also give you somewhere to store all of their swim gear between trips to the pool.

Konfidence £50 Voucher Giveaway!

I’m guessing all of that has whetted your appetite for more. Well, the good news is we have a £50 Konfidence voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do is click the link below to register, LIKE this post on our Facebook page and then TAG a friend in the comments. Simple.

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The winner will be randomly drawn using Rafflecopter and announced on our Facebook page on Monday 10th April 2017. There is no cash alternative and it’s only open to UK residents. The winner must respond to our winning announcement to claim the prize by Thursday 13th April 2017, otherwise there will be a re-draw. Very best of luck.


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