Price: £9.99 (RRP: £30)

Material: Isolite waterproof and breathable

Brand: Regatta


To say we’ve put the Regatta Charco rain suit through its paces in the 9 months or so that we’ve owned it would be a bit of an understatement.  From heavy, persistent rain on forest walks, to the sloppiest mud a British festival could throw at us, this suit has seen it all.  And boy has it done well!


Regatta have been making outdoor clothing for over 30 years so know a thing or two about designing gear that will stand up to the elements that we outdoorsy folk experience on a regular basis.  They also err on the side of being a budget brand which make them ideal for parents of quick growing children, as while their goods will certainly perform, you won’t need to take out a second mortgage to kit out your critters only for them to grow out of it in a matter of months.

The suit itself is made from Regatta’s Isolite fabric.  This is a stripped back version of their higher performing Isotex fabric which has a higher hydrostatic head level.  The hydrostatic reading simply measures the downward pressure of water a fabric can withstand before becoming saturated – at which point you get wet and cold!  The Isolite fabric in this all-in-one suit has a rating of 5000mm.  Now, considering that this is indeed a toddler suit, I personally believe that this is ample and will enable you to explore the great outdoors in relative comfort no matter what the weather.  Let’s face it: how many of us are going to attempt to scale K2 with a critter in tow, or go trekking through Bangladesh during monsoon season with them strapped to our back?  As it is this will primarily be used for nature walks, camping trips and the like and, for those purposes, it is a great addition to your Borrower’s wardrobe.

So why do we rate it so highly?  Well, first of all it does what it says on the tin: it’s waterproof.  Not showerproof, but waterproof.  This is an important distinction some people less familiar with outdoor clothing can miss but it’s an important one.  It also has taped seams which further protect the obvious weak points, particularly during heavier downpours.  The well proportioned hood with cute animal design will also fit over hats and even helmets meaning the balance bike need not only be for dry, sunny days.  Another good feature is the full length zip which means that it can be put on (over shoes or wellies) in a matter of seconds (obviously dependent on the wrigglability of said critter).  Moreover, once it’s on it stays on.  The elasticated ankle and wrist points use good quality elastic that has not diminished over time, ensuring water cannot creep up a wellington boot and down onto a sock during those all important, rigorous puddle sessions.  The Charco suit is also breathable so your critter should not feel like they have been sent out on a hot day in a clingfilm suit.  It is also very easy, as the weather changes, to unzip the top half of the suit, fold the arms together behind your child’s back and just keep the bottom half in place until the mud or wet ground has dried.  Finally, Jesse being Jesse, likes to run everywhere.  A friend even commented on how he seems to run for each and every task or errand he seems to have on his mind at any one time.  This of course, when he’s in the great outdoors on uneven ground, often translates into toddler tumbles.  And, to date, he has barely managed to put a scratch on the fabric of the suit let alone pierce it.


Overall we recommend it highly.  It comes in a range of cute animal designs in both gendered or gender neutral colours depending on your (or your toddler’s) preferences and although we paid £9.99 for it last summer, I’ve recently seen it for as little as £8.75 on the Regatta Outlet site.  So get out there and enjoy your wet days everybody.

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