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Spending so much of our time as a family in the great outdoors, we need gear that enables us to have fun outside in any weather. Living in the UK, this is all the more important as our summer days often resemble stormy and cold Arctic periods. So, whenever we go out on a family hike, our go-to waterproofs are always stuffed away into either the rucksack or child carrier.
Finding good quality outdoor gear for toddlers is a lot harder than you’d imagine. Of course, loads of places claim to sell ‘waterproof’ jackets and the like, but what you’re often getting is showerproof or water resistant material, more designed for a short trip around the shops, than any prolonged use in the great outdoors in heavy rain. I’m pretty sure that most manufactures don’t expect parents to take kids out walking, or on hikes, until they’re about five! Consequently, the last thing I want is to embark on a 10 mile hike with Jesse, over pretty isolated terrain, and have rain confine him to the carrier for the entire duration because I don’t trust his wet weather gear to keep him dry, warm and comfortable. I want him out, walking, splashing about and getting muddy. Fortunately, thanks to Wet Wednesdays Waterproof Rain set, he can go out hiking whatever the weather.


Designed in Scandinavia and used in Scandinavian Forest Schools, you can be sure that this 100% PU rainwear can handle anything that is thrown at it. I was immediately impressed by its quality as soon as I took it out of the packaging. It has a thickness and texture to it that breeds confidence, and yet its four- way stretch fabric never feels bulky or restrictive. Jesse, like a lot of toddlers, wants to run everywhere at 100mph; he wants to jump in and over puddles; my God, he wants to roll around like Spiderman mid-battle and, in this suit, he can be as active as he wants to be.
The other major benefit to these rain suits is that they are just that…suits. When he was younger, and walked less, an all-in-one was perfect for him. However, they can be pretty restrictive, both in terms of movement (few of them utilise stretch fabric) and temperature regulation (all-in-ones are notorious sweat boxes). So, when we’re crossing muddy ground or he wants to go and explore a stream on a warm day, I simply opt for the trousers. Similarly, wearing the jacket in isolation also increases the number of environments and situations that your little critter can get use out of the set, thus making it a good cost effective option as your ‘any place, any activity’ suit.


The jacket itself has a full length zip with an all important storm flap, meaning even our typically sideways north Wales rain will struggle to penetrate it. The hood is detachable, which is a nice feature as, even in heavy rain, Jesse, like his dad, prefers to opt for a wet head over reduced peripheral vision. That said, for kids who do want that extra protection, it’s there for them. The fit of both the jacket and the trousers is also generous, allowing you choose your layering system more easily, particularly in cold weather.
The trousers are of the bib or dungaree variety, which offers greater comfort and protection than the standard type. As the bib comes up far higher than a normal trouser – a sort of exaggerated Simon Cowell effect, if you will – it means that even when bending over or sitting on the floor, when the back of your jacket will traditionally ride up, your critters are still fully protected from the elements. The trousers are held firmly in place by adjustable shoulder straps and also feature elastic straps to place beneath each foot should you wish to wear them inside of wellies or other boots. Another nice feature is that both the trousers and the jacket have reflective sections built into them to ensure your critters are highly visible, even on early morning, winter school walks.



Overall, if you want a rain suit, capable of handling any weather, but which also offers you the flexibility to get good use out of it on a daily basis, then this is the one for you!
Please note: although Wet Wednesdays sent us a rain suit free of charge, every single one of the opinions in this article is, and always will be, our own.




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