We’ve recently become the proud owners of a new paddleboard and, along with keeping them safe on the water with buoyancy aids, keeping them warm and comfortable was another of out top priorities.  Having kayaked and canoed previously we were acutely aware that, despite the fact that the kids were supposed to remain in the craft; more often than not they wanted to jump into the water – because obviously that’s the fun bit.  Well, that and trying to rock us so badly that we fell in too!  So, when the good people at Lomo put it to us that they had the perfect wetsuit for our family adventures, we gave their Lomo Tempest kids wetsuit to our youngest to put it to the test…


Firstly, some context.  The reason we decided to test this on our youngest is because she, on the whole, seems to be a bit more prone to cold conditions that our eldest.  We’ve learned that after years of winter hikes and camping in all weathers.  If she’s warm and cosy, she’s happy.  If she’s not, she’s prepared to make a scene to let us know!


When we’re paddling boarding in warmer weather, we tend to wear shorts and a lightweight (1mm) hybrid neoprene top.  We tend to enjoy the ride more than the jumping in.  Maybe we’re getting old!  As the kids spend far more time than us in and under the water though, we knew we needed a full wetsuit and we’d need it to be thicker than anything we’d wear.  Our youngest is also 4 so, despite having swimming lesson (which will hopefully resume sometime soon as lockdown restrictions continue to ease), she’s not an Olympian just yet.


Nor does she have the inclination to paddle.  She’s more a Driving Miss Daisy paddleboard passenger – quietly soaking it all up as she’s chauffeured from cove to cove.  Until she decides enough’s enough and it’s time to work on her cannonball.  What I’m saying is, we didn’t need a super-skinny wetsuit aimed at young swimmers or older kids who can paddleboard themselves which are designed for maximum freedom of movement rather than maximum warmth.


Making use of 3mm neoprene, the Lomo Tempest Kids wetsuit really did tick all bases for us in terms of what our youngest would use it for and she hasn’t looked back.  Flatlock stitching make it comfortable next to the skin and the super-stretchy neoprene fabric combined with a back zip and cord attachment (so she can zip and unzip herself) make getting it on and off straightforward.  Even for a wetsuit.   It even has reinforced knees to prevent abrasions because, come on, whose kid doesn’t scrape around the deck of a paddleboard or kayak (or anywhere else for that matter) on their knees?


Lastly, we all know kids can experience growth spurts that put a dent in the parents’ bank accounts.  At £25 the sizing of this wetsuit should last her a good couple of years so it’s tremendous value for money and, crucially, Lomo haven’t skimped on anything to deliver at this price point.  So, if you are in the market for a quality kids’ wetsuit, that won’t break the bank but will deliver comfort and, importantly, warmth; then the Lomo Tempest Kids Wetsuit is well worth a look.


Happy cannonballing kiddo.



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