So, thanks to our Christmas wish list, you’ve already figured out what special gift to get for the outdoor adventurer in your life. But, let’s face it; Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without stocking fillers. Unfortunately, all most of us can hope for is the usual array of tangerines, candy canes and chocolate oranges. Come on people…you’re better than that! As such, here are a few outdoor-related ideas to stuff that festive stocking with. I’m pretty sure these will generate more surprise and be received with more festive glee than the squashed tangerine that’s just left pith all over your novelty socks. Enjoy.


Light My Fire FireLighting Kit
Price: £12

Including a Swedish FireSteel, that is capable of producing sparks in any weather and at any altitude; this kit is a great camping companion. The tinder-on-a-rope is 80% resin, which means it’ll burn even when it’s damp, while Grandpa’s FireFork is designed to attach to sticks so that you can toast those all important marshmallows anywhere safely.




LifeSystems Emergency Whistle
Price: £3.50

Want to make sure your loved ones are safe this year but can’t quite stretch to a helicopter evacuation plan? Then check out this mountain essential from LifeSystems. Whistles really are non-negotiable kit when you’re hiking through mountain or isolated trails. They’ll enable you to draw attention to yourself in the event of injury or illness and this bad boy, at 100dB, will certainly serve your needs. They also come in a hardy aluminium shell and a range of cool colours.




Wild Camping by Stephen Neale
Price: £13

Every wanted to go and really explore the wilds of Britain? If you have this excellent book might be for you. It’ll guide you through the legalities of camping wild, offer inspiration of where to go and fill you with comical anecdotes that’ll make you yearn for more. It’s certain to ignite the explorer in anyone.



UST Shelter Building Cards
Price £5

Whether you fancy a night under your own creation or just want to go and build a cool den in the forest with your kids, these shelter building cards will guide you every step of the way. Laminated to be used outdoors and attached via a grommet to keep them all together, each card contains detailed instructions and a photographic illustration. Get building!



Kukuxumusu Original Buff Himalaya Black
Price: £16.95

Ideal for chilly weather the ever-versatile Buff can be worn in numerous ways including as a neck gaiter and bandana. The highly breathable material will make sure cool moisture is wicked away while its polygiene treatment keeps sweaty stinks at bay. They come in a range of cool designs including this visual representation of the major Himalayan peaks.




Wayfarer Beef Stew and Dumplings
Price: £4.50

These pre-cooked meals have been consumed in pretty much every environment and climate going. Ready after 8 minutes by simply submerging the pouch in boiling water, they’ll keep you warm and full on long, cold expeditions or backpacking adventures. With a range of flavours available be sure to pack your loved one off with a couple of these.



Ginger Fox Knots Mug
Price: £10

This lightweight and durable tin mug, ideal for camping, delivers a little outdoor lesson as well as your morning brew. Complete with a step by step knot guide and two short lengths of rope, this little beauty will have you tying up all manner of things in no time.



Sigg Hot and Cold Brushed 0.75L
Price: £25

So you’ve got a mug but how on earth will you keep hot drinks toasty during long days on the trail?  Easy…this cool looking bit of kit from Sigg will keep drinks hot (or cold) for up to 24 hours (yes, really!) thanks to its vacuum insulation. Made from high quality stainless steel, this flask will also endure the common drops and bangs that we associate with trail life. Finally, its 0.75L capacity is more than enough for a couple or a particularly greedy individual in search of a serious caffeine rush.



OS Explorer Map
Price: £8:99

If you want to stray off the beaten path a little and take in some of the more awe-inspiring, isolated trails then you’ll need a map. The OS Explorer range offers great detail with its 1:25000 scale and lots now even come with a digital map download to use on smartphones. What more could you want?



Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker Socks
Price: £10

Come on: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without socks, would it? However, rather than your loved one finding a crumby pair of elf socks that will only be worn…my apologies, I’ll rephrase… that’ll never be worn, do them a favour and treat their feet to these great trekking and hiking socks from Bridgedale. Classified as a three season sock, these offer great levels of warmth and comfort. Furthermore, they’ll wick moisture away from your skin and they come with a three year guarantee. I doubt those elf socks can say the same!


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