So, you have an outdoor mum to buy for this Mother’s Day.  As well as the usual cards, flowers, chocolates and cuddles that they’ll appreciate, you’ll probably want to buy them something that reflects their adventurous personality.  Not only will they love it and get plenty of use out of it (unlike supermarket flowers that require a burial service three days after purchasing them), but a really personal gift will get you and the kids into their good books for weeks to come.  Or at least until you do something daft.  Consequently, here follows a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Some that I came up with on my own; others (the huge, money-no-object gifts) that Nat had a hand in.  Enjoy.


Your Time

My first gift idea this Mother’s Day is completely free of charge.  And, before you ask, no, I’m not encouraging you to go and pick flowers from a roadside verge.  Rather, I’m encouraging you to set aside a good amount of time in your day to venture outdoors as a family.  Prepare a daypack the evening before.  Make sure to include a picnic and maybe even a slice of cake for mum.  On the morning of Mother’s Day make a fresh flask of her favourite coffee and head out.  You don’t have to do anything particularly adventurous;  a simple trip to her favourite woodland or beach will put a massive smile on her face.  The added bonus, of course, is that this will also run the kids ragged so you’ll (sorry, mum will) be able to put your feet up and relax when you get home.


A Personalised Camping Mug

My second idea, that won’t break the bank, is to buy her a new outdoor mug.  If they’re anything like my wife, who collects and hoards mugs like they’re endangered species, then this Mother’s Day gift will put a smile on her face.  Made from enamel, they’re perfect for camping and beach trips as they’re pretty indestructible.  Etsy has a great range of quirky mugs, many of which can be personalised.  However, the message on this one struck a chord with me.

Available from:


A Lightweight Hammock

If you really want the outdoor mum in your life to take it easy and chill out this year, then why not buy her a hammock?  With a range of lightweight backpacking hammocks on the market today, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  The beauty of these hammocks is that they’re perfect for taking camping or hiking.  Weighing in at around 500g and packing down into a tiny stuff sack, they can be transported virtually anywhere.  They even come in a range of colours and have built-in drinks holder.  So, if lying in a hammock between trees with a book and a glass of prosecco would make your outdoor mum happy, you know what to do.


Adventurous Wall Art

So, mum has a dream to visit a particular country or destination.  It’s been a permanent fixture on her wanderlust bucket list for as long as you can remember.  Well, this cool savings frame may just be the answer.  Short of shelling out hundreds or thousands of pounds to actually send her there, this will not only look good in her favourite room, it will also provide you all with the constant encouragement to actually save for the trip.  With a slot in the side so you can drop in coins or notes, you’ll even be able to charge visitors to the house an entrance fee.  Ok, so it’s clearly not big enough to fund an entire trip, but wouldn’t it be a cool way to get your deposit together!

Available from:


A European Camping Trip

If money isn’t an issue, then why not take her dream adventure destination and go one step further by booking it?  Nat has been on at me for a few weeks now about a family camping trip to Europe sometime soon.  She really fancies somewhere like Switzerland, Austria or France and it’s not hard to see why.  With warm sunshine, mountain views and pristine lakes, they really are a paradise for outdoor families.

Gubhof campsite, Austria.


With its family-friendly approach, organised children’s activities, river for paddling and kayaking, and organised weekly hikes, I really like the look of .  I could certainly imagine some awesome family memories being made there.  So, consider slipping a deposit and booking confirmation into her Mother’s Day card this year.  For some more inspiration check out:


Whatever you treat her to this year, have a lovely Mother’s Day.  As always, if you have any good gift ideas of your own feel free to share them with us.


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