While this, to some, might seem a little self-indulgent, being a dad, for me, is not about receiving expensive gifts off my kids (via, of course, my wife’s bank account) at this time of year.  All I really want is to spend the day as a family.  You see, I’ll take making memories over accumulating goods any day.  So, with that in mind, here are five free Father’s Day activities for you to consider doing this Sunday.  As ever, if you’ve got any awesome ideas of your own, let us know about them in the comments.


1. Go for a Sunrise Beach Breakfast

Sunrise beach breakfast

For the first of our free Father’s Day activities all you need is a local beach, a camping stove and a pack of sausages out of the fridge.  Aim to get there a good half an hour before sunrise, set up your stove and get cracking on a delicious, al fresco breakfast, to set him up for the day.  Take a ball to chuck around and a beach shelter if you have one, and then lie back as a family and watch the sun slowly creep over the horizon.  You’ll probably be gone by the time the next lot of people arrive.  Perfect.


2. Build a Dad Den in the Back Garden

Garden den

Whether you use the washing line and some old sheets, or you put up and decorate dad’s favourite tent, give him a chill-out space to remember this weekend.   Populate it with yourselves, his favourite board game and an ice bucket with a selection of his favourite beer and spend the afternoon whiling away the hours together as a family.  As the evening draws in, sit outside of the den, draped in blankets of course, and share your favourite stories and memories of the daft things that dad has done over the years while the stars brighten the sky above you.


3. Take him to his favourite picnic spot

Llyn Padarn

Third up on our list of free Father’s Day activities is the humble picnic.  With a little bit of preparation the evening before, you can have his favourite sandwiches (cheese and jam for me please) sorted and ready to go.  Whether he likes to laze perpendicular lakeside, or watch his favourite waterfall crash down before him, having you lot around him, having prepared everything, will make it all the more special.


4. Go Wild Swimming

Wild swimming

Up and down the country there are some truly beautiful and unique wild swimming spots.  So, grab his favourite swim shorts (or wetsuit if he’s a bit nesh), some towels and a warm flask of tea or hot chocolate and whisk him away for a totally refreshing experience like no other.  Not sure where to find these wonderfully wild bathing pools?  This website has quite a list.


5. Plan a Sunset Hike

Moel Famau

You don’t need to head out too far to catch a glorious sunset.  In fact, if he’s anything like me, he’ll really appreciate the hills that are closest to him.  Nor do you need to plan an epic 30km hike.  No,  the most important thing is that you’re all together.  If that means wandering at a snail’s pace for a short mile up to the top of your local lookout point, he’ll appreciate it, believe me.  Take a hot flask, a slice of his favourite cake and a blanket to sit on and then…just relax.  Oh, and don’t forget a headtorch to get you back down.  Getting lost in the dark may just take the shine off things!

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