imageBeing a dad is the most amazing thing. A true emotional roller coaster to rival any other.  I swear I never used to cry before I had kids, now I flick over to an episode of DIY SOS, watch my testosterone levels empty and my face strain in a desperate attempt to stem the inevitable flow of tears before putting it all down to an inauspicious yawn.  You know what I mean, right?

Some certainly do. Mates that I speak to that are dads begrudgingly admit to similar issues and this, I suppose, is the purpose of this blog: to document my time, ideas and experiences as dad.  Despite the aforementioned reduction to emotional PlayDoh, most of the time I am bursting with pride and thinking of the next thing that we can do as a family.  So from holidays, camping and music festivals, to eating out, hobbies and baby/child equipment/paraphernalia I’ll hope to share with you my many successes and failures.





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